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Welcome to the PREMUS 2013
Welcome to the Eighth International Scientific Conference on Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal
Disorders PREMUS 2013! It is a great honor for us to host the eighth PREMUS conference in Busan, Republic of
Korea, for the first time in the Asia region. We will do our best towards the achievements of another
memorable event, following the success of previous conferences in Boston 2007 and Angers 2010.
During the four days of the conference, PREMUS aims to:
bring together scientists, practitioners in occupational health and safety, ergonomists, industrial
engineers and policy makers, with the express intent of fostering cross-disciplinary, trans-
disciplinary, and translational research into the etiology and prevention of work-related MSDs;
further research into and dissemination of state-of-the-art interventions aimed at the prevention
of musculoskeletal disorders at work; and
provide an international platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in
musculoskeletal research and intervention practice related to occupational work-related MSD
prevention, with special attention to the recently industrialized countries and developing
The Importance of Upcoming PREMUS 2013
Expected Attendance
PREMUS has continuously had more than 400 attendees from Europe and America so far. In Boston
2007, 150 out of 450 attendees were from America, and the majority of the other 300 attendees from
Europe. In addition, 100 out of 570 attendees were French in Angers, 2010. Moreover, ICOH SC
meetings of PREMUS have always been attended by 50 renowned scholars including scientists from
all over the world. PREMUS 2013 conservatively estimates 350 attendees from America and Europe
considering previous records. We also expect 100 attendees from Asia region in PREMUS2013.
Expansion of Musculoskeletal Research in Asia
PREMUS will provide an opportunity for Korea to cooperate with China and Japan to lead
musculoskeletal joint research in developing countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam.
Globalization of Musculoskeletal Disorders Risk Factors Research by Republic of Korea
2013 is a remarkable year that the 4th MSD risk factors research under government supervision is to
be done in Korea and it will be around 10 years since 2004. PREMUS 2013 is expected to provide a
great opportunity to foster scholarly exchanges with erudite scholars as well as compile efforts in
research regarding the international project that Korea has been leading.
The Link between PREMUS 2013 and ICOH 2015
A lot of efforts are needed in advance to hold upcoming ICOH 2015 successfully in the Republic of Korea.
It is absolutely required to promote ICOH 2015 through lots of academic committees and events as well
as PREMUS 2013. Above all, the promotion in PREMUS is especially important since it is the most
influential musculoskeletal conference. Therefore, successful hosting of PREMUS 2013 in Busan will
contribute to the achievements of ICOH 2015.

During the conference we invite you to participate in as many sessions as you can, especially poster
session discussions. The poster sessions provide a unique opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas
and cover topics without the time constraints of the podium presentations.

We are happy to host the conference here in Busan, the city with beautiful beaches full of friendly people.
Several visits and events in Busan and its surroundings we have organized will offer the opportunities
to learn more about and experience our city.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Once again, welcome to PREMUS 2013 and we look forward to your participation.

For the PREMUS 2013 Organizing Committee : Dongmug Kang
For the PREMUS 2013 Scientific Committee : Young-Ki Kim
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